Pricing + Services


Managment services starting at $125/hour.



Process management

$125/hour —We tailor and execute a process for your business for your administration needs. We provide the needed timelines and actionables that you will need to complete a project.  We will add KPI's as well as schedule needed conference calls to insure we are meeting clients standards.


Variable hourly rate — We provide the photography for client or we source from variable resources. We have an extensive resource of data and industry contractors to pull the perfect solution for your needs.

File Uploading & Saving

Variable hourly rate — No one like uploading and downloading files. Allow our technicians that have extensive time and resources do it for you. 

Document Filing & Backup

Variable hourly rate — Our technicians have extensive knowledge and training to file your documents. 

Photo licensing - 

Personal: $175/hour — Photo Licensing can be costly. Let our experts who have knowledge and experience do it for you.